Thursday, September 10, 2015

Who's Starting, Who's Sitting? Week 1 Of The Regular Season Is Here

The regular season is upon us… FINALLY! With real games come tough decisions. You drafted the squad, but there are still question marks on who to start. That’s where Fantasy JoneZ comes into play. Our writers are giving their take on who should be starting, and who should be sitting. Each writer gave me three starts and three sits; I even throw in my two cents.  If you have any specific questions about who you should start feel free to leave a comment. We’ll put you in the best position to win your first game!

Mason’s Start Em

1. Ryan Tannehill, QB Miami – The Dolphins travel to Washington to take on the Redskins and their awful pass defense. He should have a field day in our nation’s capital.

2. Mark Ingram, RB New Orleans – Although Arizona is stout on defense, the lack of healthy bodies in the Saints backfield is going to lead to a lot of touches for Ingram. Add in the fact he’s their unquestioned goal line back. He should still be productive.

3. Julian Edelman, WR New England – In case you’re living under a rock, Tom Brady got off his suspension. Nobody is happier about that than Edelman. The Patriots WR core is already banged up as well. Start Edelman with confidence, especially in PPR leagues.

Mason’s Sit Em

1. Drew Brees, QB New Orleans – Drew is about to face a Top 5 passing defense in Arizona. With the loss of Jimmy Graham to Seattle via trade and Brandin Cooks lining up across from Patrick Peterson, it could be a long day for Drew and company.

2. Tevin Coleman, RB Atlanta – There are a lot of question marks here. First the Falcons offensive line was atrocious last year. We’re not sure it’s gotten much better. Second, this rookie has yet to prove himself with the big boys. Wait and see with him.

3. Randall Cobb, WR Green Bay – This probably sounds crazy, but we aren’t sure how healthy he is. His shoulder is still injured. Although he’s going to play, one bad fall could send him to the sideline for the rest of the game. If you have a another option, sitting Cobb isn’t a bad play this week.

Alex’s Start Em

1. Frank Gore, RB Indianapolis – The Bills have a very strong front seven. With that being said, Frank is highly capable of catching passes. Look for him to catch a lot of check downs and getting the goal line carries.

2. Jordan Matthews, WR Philadelphia – Not only is Philly’s offense looking to be one of the most potent in the NFL his year, they’re also facing the Falcons defense. Their secondary isn’t impressive, to say it lightly. Start the Eagles #1 WR without hesitation!

3. Eli Manning, QB NY Giants – Have you ever watched a Cowboys/Giants game? They are always shoot outs, and Eli has been known to have huge games against his biggest rivals.

Alex’s Sit Em

1. Tre Mason, RB St. Louis – Tre is dealing with injuries already. Even if he was to start, he’s facing Seattle’s vaunted defense. Leave him sitting.

2. Brandon Marshall, WR NY Jets – Let us count the reasons why we’re leaving him on the bench. He’s facing one of the top corners in Joe Haden, the Jets plan to be a run first team, he has Fitzpatrick throwing him the ball, and he’s on the Jets… Was that enough?

3. Matt Stafford, QB Detroit – Both the Lions and the Chargers can put up points, but the Chargers have a very underrated defense. The Lions are solid on that front as well. This will be a much lower scoring affair than you would think. Find a better option.

Mike’s Start Em

1. Markus Wheaton, WR Pittsburgh – Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant are suspended, and Bill Belichick will try and take Antonio Brown out of the game. The Patriots secondary isn’t near what it was last year. Injury/Suspensions create opportunity, and Wheaton will make the most of his.

2. Doug Martin, RB Tampa Bay – Martin looked good this preseason, and Tampa plans on focusing on the run with a rookie QB under center. Add in Tennessee’s pourus run defense and we could get the old Doug Martin back, at least for this week!

3. Carson Palmer, QB Arizona – Palmer was a Top 10 QB before going down last year, and Arizona plays well at home. New Orleans had a bad defense last year. Sure, they added some new faces, but are they gelling yet? Carson is a solid play, and he may even be a free agent in your league.

Mike’s Sit Em

1. Melvin Gordon, RB San Diego – The Lions were the #1 rush defense in the league last year. They may have lost Ndamukong Suh but they added Haloti Ngata. They aren’t losing as much as you would think. Melvin will have a good year, but it won’t be week one.

2. DeAndre Hopkins, WR Houston – Temper your expectations with Hopkins. He’s facing a stingy Kansas City pass defense. He’ll probably end up with around 60-80 yards on the day, but those aren’t the numbers you expected him when you drafted him. It’ll get better throughout the season though.

3. Cam Newton, QB Carolina – You may see the Jaguars and think this is a no brainer start, but not so fast. Who is he throwing the ball to? His saving grace are his legs, but if you have a better option run with them…  Pun intended!

Hagan’s Start Em

1. Lamar Miller, RB Miami – The Dolphins should be able to jump on the Skins early. This leaves a lot of time for Miller to pile on yards in the second half. Him being a Top 5 scoring back in week 1 wouldn’t surprise me at all.

2. Terrance Williams, WR Dallas – The Cowboys game against the Giants should be a high scoring affair, and with all of the attention focused on Dez Bryant in the secondary TD Williams will benefit the most. It’s still to be seen who’s going to step up and carry the rock for them this season. Look for Romo to air it out.

3. Kyle Rudolph, TE Minnesota – Adrian Peterson is back, and Teddy Bridgewater continues to grow. This means good things for the Viking offense. With the Niners line backing core in shambles after retirements and legal issues destroyed this once great unit, Kyle Rudolph should have no problem getting open, especially in the red zone.

Hagan’s Sit Em

1. Justin Forsett, RB Baltimore – The Broncos have a very good defense, one of the best in the league. This pick has more to do with them than Forsett’s talent. With Peyton Manning looking shaky in the preseason and Gary Kubiak at the helm they’ll be running the ball more. Less opportunity for Justin against a good defense doesn’t sound good. This prediction does not apply in PPR formats.

2. Joseph Randle, RB Dallas – Darren McFadden looks to be getting the start in Week 1 which is no shocker here. He’s the better player… When he’s healthy. Once he inevitably goes down it’s another story with Randle, but not this week.

3. Every Single Browns and Rams Receiver – There may be a surprise on one of these teams, but is it really worth the risk? This should have went without saying in the first place.

Good luck to you all in Week 1, and check back with us as we’ll have news, advice, and information for you all season!